Championship Results are now available!

Who can participate in the TDC Virtual Championship?

  • Teams must be members of TDC in good standing in order to participate.  The Virtual Championship is open to any and all TDC member teams. 

How many routines can teams bring to the Youth-MWC?

  • TDC Teams may submit a maximum of 3 routines for the TDC Virtual Championship (one per category).

What categories are offered at the TDC-MWC?

  • OPEN POM (1:45 – 3:00 minutes)
    • Open Pom is a blend of any style of dance and pom work. It can combine both Pom and Open Pom elements or be purely Pom or purely Open Pom (based on TDI category descriptions), with poms being featured with visual effects and creative color work.
      • Choreography highlights both the pom element and the dance element at different points or in unison during the performance.
      • Featured pom work includes but is not limited to: exchanges to create an effect, tosses, passes, tricks, color opposition, creative pictures, color massing etc.
      • Pom work highlights the musical composition of the performance concept.
      • No props or flags permitted.
  • OPEN DANCE (1:45 – 3:00 minutes)
    • The Open Dance category allows all dance styles. Full lyrical routines are accepted in TDC Open Dance, but may only be 3 minutes in length. 
      • Routines may include elements of Hip Hop, but should not be predominately Hip Hop.
      • Technical dance elements, combinations and transitional movement should be present with an emphasis on body placement, style control, flow, and continuity.
      • Flexibility, balance, control, extension, proper technique, proper posture and spatial awareness are all elements of a successful routine.
      • Emotional appeal should be evident. 
      • Choreography should highlight the musical composition of the performance concept.
      • No props, flags, or poms permitted.
  • HIP HOP (1:45 – 3:00 minutes)
    • Hip Hop is a trendy style of current dance form that emphasizes style, attitude, rhythmic movement, athleticism, strength, body control and creative, non-traditional musical interpretation that allows the rhythm of the music to be seen through the movement of the body
      • Hip Hop includes but is not limited to; Street Style, Funk, Popping, Locking, Isolations and Break Dancing.
      • Choreography is expected to be family friendly and age appropriate!!!
      • Choreography should highlight the musical composition of the performance concept.
      • No props, flags, or poms permitted.

What is the awards system for the TDC-MWC?

  • Certificates will be awarded for 1st place in each division and category.
  • The team generating the most fan votes will be named the People’s Choice Winner and will receive a certificate.
  • Technical and Artistic Excellence winners will receive a certificate.
  • There will be one Grand Champion trophy awarded.  The TDC Grand Champion will be determined by the HIGHEST OVERALL score, regardless of category or division.

For additional information on awards, please see the TDC Competition and Membership Manual.

The TDC Grand Champion will be invited for an encore performance at the TDI State Championship to be held at Carver Arena in Peoria, IL on March 3rd, 2013.

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