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Flash Mob


In TDI’s ongoing effort to help create opportunities for TRUE Sportsmanship, we offer Coaches and Students who compete at TDI Regional Competitions and Championships the chance to dance together for one brief moment.

This year, as we have in past years, we offer our own rendition of the well know Spirit Song “Let’s GO Blue.”  Played at most sporting events this should be a song familiar to many.  You can fill in your own school color or mascot name for the word “Blue.”

As in the past, this music/Audio Logo will be played to signal to all the awards are ready to begin (usually 25-30 minutes after the last performance).  Rather than just listen for the music, we want to go one step further and ask that all students and coaches join in on a piece of simple, easy-to-do choreography that is performed while sitting!!!   Follow the video below and be sure your WHOLE team knows the Flash Mob choreography!

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