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RollingMeadowsFlagHeart.jpgWhat is TDI?

TEAMDance Illinois is an Illinois 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to remain Illinois’ premiere dance team and flag corps alliance by providing coaches and student performers the opportunity to participate in youth and high school dance, pom and flag competition and to receive education through course work and special events.

What benefits does my team receive from becoming a member of TDI?

Click on Membership Heading on top of any page of the web site.

Is Dance or Flag a Sport in Illinois?

As of the fall of 2012, IHSA has officially classified competitive dance as a sport.  Flag/Guard is not.  As a result, all IHSA member high schools with competitive dance teams must follow the IHSA by-laws. However, this does not mean that competitive dance teams must participate in the IHSA state dance final, nor does this mean they are excluded from participation in other dance circuits, including TDI.  See the IHSA website at for complete details on the new by-laws for dance teams in Illinois.

Why are there division sizes for Dance and not for Flag?

TDI goal is to provide meaningful competition. Accordingly, TDI uses school enrollment to determine division sizes, and determine the break down and number of divisions based on its membership.  TDI Dance Divisions are set up to ensure a reasonable balance in the number of teams per division.  Last year, TDI offered 3 divisions for dance, and one division for flag and JV competition. In 2014-15, TDI will offer one division for Guard/Flag teams and will offer 3 divisions for dance teams that will be the same as IHSA division sizes. 

What is the “Club Team” classification?

TDI recognizes the emergence of independent club teams on the Illinois competitive sports scene.  These teams are becoming a viable alternative to the high school team comprised of top talent, and attract recruiters and scholarship monies.  This trend is well established in many sports and we are seeing it introduced to “spirit sports” with competitive cheerleading. TDI intends to remain ahead of this curve by offering and cultivating an independent club division.

What is the age range for the TeamDance Youth division?

Any team from ANY school or non-school group from ANY state whose dancers are between the ages of 8 to 9th grade can enter and compete in TDY.  On occasion, some teams choose to have members that are under 8 years old with the understanding that TDY’s score sheet and rubric is built for age 8 and up.

How many regional competitions are there, and who runs the contests?

In 2014-15 TDI will offer 4-6 regional contests and 2 sectionals.    TDI sanctions contests, manages all registrations, builds the performance schedule, provides judges,  and offers other managerial support. However, TDI does NOT run the contest.  TDI receives compensation for these services, but the contest is intended to be a fundraiser for the host school, and TDI works diligently to keep its fees and costs down to make this happen. The host schools run their own contests, setting admission fees, staffing volunteers, providing concessions, merchandise and other vendors, supplying trophies, paying facility expenses.  The host school determines the course of action due to bad weather/school closings.  To find a contest location and date visit the Schedules and Results page under Competitions.  Click on the name of the town for a map link!

Why do teams compete?

Many teams choose to compete to give themselves a goal and purpose to their routines and performance. Competing is in addition to halftime, spirit and support that teams provide in their home schools. Competing, also allows teams to strive toward these goals by practicing and training, which results in quality performances and routines. Each individual performer therefore benefits from the experience of being a TEAM MEMBER. The creative art form and the spirit that Team Dance and Flag Competition represent results in a unique and meaningful experience for the performers.

Does TDI offer college scholarships for graduating seniors?

TeamDance Illinois believes strongly in the power and positive benefits of the TEAM experience.  It's what drives all our programs and is why the word "Team" is part of our name!  We also believe in tight fiscal management and work hard to keep costs to the teams low and do not therefore have excess funds at the end of the year.


TDI will award a team sponsorship for our prestigious “True Colors”  Sportsmanship of the Year Award.”   Subject to corporate sponsorships and private donors, TDI may award additional teams sponsorships.

How are teams evaluated?

Traditional Categories:  TDI offers a double-judged panel system. Each performance is judged by two Artistic judges and two Technical Judges. Other circuits only offer a single panel. These judges provide real-time audio critique over a digital recording of the performance.  A post-critique session is available to coaches and team captains for greater growth and development.  TDI also offers 2-3 officials who review performances prior to competition in an effort to proactively eliminate safety and rule violations. TDI judges become certified through a process of leveled course work, onsite practicum training, mentoring and intern hours. 

IHSA Open” Category:   All TDI Regional Contests offer an “IHSA Open” category where teams can have their IHSA routines judged by a 2 judges that have been certified by both TDI and IHSA.  These judges use the IHSA scoresheet and eligible to be selected as IHSA sectional and/or state judges.  Neither audio critique, nor post-critique is available for IHSA routines as it is not permitted by IHSA rules. 

Are all teams rankings announced at awards?

Although we applaud all team's efforts and growth, but time usually does not allow for the announcing of placement of every team at awards.  Often time allows only for the announcement of teams receiving trophies, highest artistic and technical awards, and any other awards the contest host might offer at their discretion. Please know that TDI values the time and effort of every team, Placement rankings from each contest will be posted on the TDI website generally by Tuesday following a contest weekend. 

Does TDI offer a JV final?

Yes.  TDI brings all of its divisions under one roof on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Northern Illinois University’s Convocations Center in a spectacular display of championship level performances from every age group!  JV teams must qualify at a regional contest to be eligible to compete for the TDI Category Championship at NIU. See website for a full description.

How do teams qualify the TDI Category Championship?

New for 2014-15, Varsity teams will qualify for TDI’s Category Championship at one of two TDI Varsity Sectional contests held the weekend of February  7 and 8.  Sectional Qualification Scores:    Varsity  Dance:  1A =80, 2A = 82, 3A = 83,  Varsity Guard/Flag Teams = 81

  • Regional Qualification Scores:  Youth = 75, Junior Varsity = 78. 
  • IHSA finalists :  For 2014-15, all teams advancing to the final round of the IHSA finals will be offered automatic bids to the TDI Category Championship.

Youth and JV teams qualify at regional competitions as usual (they do not attend a sectional contest) and are eligible for the TDI Category Championship with a qualifying score of 75 for Youth and 78 for JV.  (Wild Card Bids still exist but invites rare in terms of protecting the size of the championship.) 

What is the date for the TDI Category Championship?

The 2015 TDI Category Championship will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Northern Illinois University’s Convocations Center.  TDI follows the IHSA Sporting Calendar.  This date is the end of week 32 of the IHSA calendar.

How do I purchase a TDI Championship Qualifier Shirt?

Championship Qualifier shirts will be available at each TDI sectional contest in February

How do I purchase the DVD's from the TDI Category Championship? TDI's official state videographer is Vault Media.  Pre-Order forms will be available beginning in January, however DVDs can also be purchased at the event or on the Vault Media website

What is the E-Store and what merchandise is TDI offering?

TDI has a Café Press store where you can order a plethora of TDI gear!  We are constantly adding available items and logos to this site…check it out.  You are guaranteed to find something you will fall in love with!  Click HERE and check it out!

What merchandise will be available at TDI’s Category Championship

TDI's exclusive supplier, Minerva Sportswear will be accepting pre-orders and be on sight at the TDI Category Championship offering  TDI Championship Hoodies, Long-Sleeved and short-sleeved T-Shirt.  Youth sizes and any men’s versions offered will only be available via pre-order. Links to the order form will be available in the Championship page in January.

Helpful Tips on Attending a Regional contest

WEBSITE - TDI offers a user friendly website that has a wealth of information. Click on “Contest Dates” icon to find information such as how to get there, schedules etc.

PARKING - There is usually plenty of parking for the spectators. Look for the spectator entrance, as there is a team entrance and a spectator entrance.

CONCESSIONS - Please plan to visit the concessions for lunch and throughout the day, as this is part of the fundraiser for the Contest Host School. They put a lot of volunteer time and hard work into making this a great day for all. This is a perfect place to arrange to meet with your daughter if you need to talk with her.

SCHEDULES -Timing of the schedule - A purchased program is a FINAL SCHEDULE of the performances for that day.  Schedules on the website are often tentative and usually posted within 3-5 days of the contest but are subject to change!!!!  Hosts sell the program as a fundraiser!  It is suggested that you allow at least 30 minutes before your team will perform to get inside the gym and find a seat to not miss your team's performance. TDI runs as true to the schedule as possible. In order for that to happen, the spectators need to allow enough time to enter as well and move in and out of the gym as swiftly as possible. When the doors close you should either be seated in the gym, or standing outside the closed door awaiting the next performance.

  • One-sided schedule - Some schools will have performances on only one side. The performers (teams) sit on the other side. Schools with 2 sides mean that you may have to change to the other side to see your team perform if they have more than one performance.
  • Two sided scheduled  - When you purchase a program if your team has multiple dances, check to see which side your team will perform on as you may have to switch to the other side. To determine which side your team is performing, on the wall outside the door there is a large schedule that will show what team is performing on that side. Allow enough time to leave the gym and re-enter the gym on the other side, find seats and be seated before the next performance begins. Do not cross to the other side inside of the gym.
  • The closing of the doors between performances - It is very important that if you come to watch a performance, you enter the gym in a timely manner, find a seat and respect the team that will be performing. In order for the contest to stay on time, you need to move swiftly into a seat and enjoy the performances.


Judges Seating Area - This taped area is designated for the judges only. It’s critical to the judges working to be free of distraction. Please respect this area; it is off limits to the spectators in the stands. DO NOT walk or enter into the taped area. Judges are video taping the performances on a digital recorder (with verbal feedback for coaches), so please stay seated when in front of the judging area.  Thank You!

Entering and Exit the gym - When your team has finished its performance, remember that there is another team moving onto the floor and getting ready to start their performance.  Be respectful of the timing if you wish to leave after your team is done performing.

Security in the building - Respect the areas that parents are not allowed to enter for the safety of the teams. Parents are not allowed in the teams’ rooms. Only performers and coaches wearing wristbands and lanyards are allowed in the halls where the teams are located.

Sportsmanship in the stands - We ask that parents, coaches, officials and others help reinforce the positive development of our student performers by creating a positive, healthy and respectful competitive environment. TDI thanks you for your show of good sportsmanship. Please note that noisemakers are illegal. The teams work hard to compete and this poses a distraction to the dancers.

Videotaping (may not be allowed) - Some Contest Hosts hire videographers for the day and ask that you do not videotape. Usually you can purchase a copy of your performance from that vendor and they offer a great viewing of your performances!  Please check with the hosting school and respect the rules for that contest day. Please do not take it personal. If you are able to videotape, we ask that you please respect the privacy of the performers and not post any video images onto any website without prior consent.

Flash photography - There is no flash photography allowed at any contest.  It distracts the performers and can interfere with the videographer. Please respect this decision and do not take it personally.

Awards Announcement - Remember your Sportsmanship and know that everyone is a winner!  Please remain seated during the entire presentation!


TDI sanctions regional competitions, but each host school runs its own contest with a volunteer staff of parents and other spirit groups. Please consider helping these efforts by supporting each contest. The host offers the following fundraisers:

  • Cafeteria - Stay and “Eat in" for lunch. This is a great meeting place for your family and your daughter to catch up on the day. Some schools also offer breakfast items. Hosts are paying for the food they offer that day and ask that food not be brought in from local restaurants or home, leaving them with leftover food and expenses!
  • Videography - View and purchase a DVD of your performance
  • Photography - Some schools offer team photos
  • Programs
  • Merchandise
  • Shout outs to the teams

To All TeamDance Illinois Parents!

Alumni Parents - we are also looking for Alumni Parents who might like to be involved in this growing organization! It's a great way to stay involved and give back!   Please email for details.

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