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OPEN POM (1:45-3:00 minutes)

TDY Open Pom is a blend of any style of dance and pom work. It can combine both Pom and Open Pom elements or be purely Pom or purely Open Pom (based on TDI category descriptions), with poms being featured with visual effects and creative color work.

  • Choreography highlights both the pom element and the dance element at different points or in unison during the performance.
  • Featured pom work includes but is not limited to: exchanges to create an effect, tosses, passes, tricks, color opposition, creative pictures, color massing etc.
  • Pom work highlights the musical composition of the performance concept.
  • No props or flags permitted.
OPEN DANCE (1:45-3:00 minutes)

The Open Dance category allows all dance styles. Full lyrical routines are accepted in TDY Open Dance, but may only be 3 minutes in length.

  • Routines may include elements of Hip Hop, but should not be predominately Hip Hop.
  • Technical dance elements, combinations and transitional movement should be present with an emphasis on body placement, style control, flow, and continuity.
  • Flexibility, balance, control, extension, proper technique, proper posture and spatial awareness are all elements of a successful routine.
  • Emotional appeal should be evident
  • Choreography should highlight the musical composition of the performance concept.
  • No props, flags or poms permitted. 
HIP HOP (1:45-3:00 minutes)

Hip Hop is a trendy style of current dance form that emphasizes style, attitude, rhythmic movement, athleticism, strength, body control and creative, non-traditional musical interpretation that allows the rhythm of the music to be seen through the movement of the body.

  • Hip Hop includes but is not limited to; Street Style, Funk, Popping, Locking, Isolations and Break Dancing.
  • Choreography is expected to be family friendly and age appropriate!!!
  • Choreography should highlight the musical composition of the performance concept
  • No flags, props or poms permitted. 
KICK (1:45-3:00 minutes)

A Kick routine consists of visually effective kick combinations, dance work and utilization of the floor. Emphasis is on the variety of kicks, kick combinations, and creative connections. Body alignment, flexibility, proper posture, proper kick technique, maintenance of the line connection, and team stamina are all important elements of a successful kick routine. Technical emphasis in TDY Kick is on maintenance of proper kick technique, and team‘s ability to match kick heights throughout the kick combinations themselves, as opposed to emphasis on HIGH kicks and extended flexibility.

  • Performance must incorporate kicks/kick combinations.
  • It is recommended that no less than 35 kicks be performed by at least half the team.
  • Kicks need to be waist high (90 degrees) or above and unassisted to be counted.
  • Lifts, control moves and leaps are not considered kicks.
  • Choreography should highlight the musical composition of the performance concept
  • No props, flags or poms permitted.
TDY OPEN FLAG (1:45-3:00 minutes) 

A TDY Open Flag routine places emphasis on the use of flags (tall and/or short) as seen in the high school Traditional Division categories of Tall and Short Flag. TDY Open Flag routines consist of visually effective flag (tall and/or short) combinations that may include a variety of tosses, free-arm expression, three-dimensional use of spatial planes, movement of form, and phrase sharing of equipment and body.  Footwork and dance presence are a necessity BOTH in movement of form AND within equipment phrases.  Visually effective placements of equipment, body, and formations must complement the musical composition of the performance concept. 

  • Tall Flags and/or Short Flags may be used as the emphasis throughout the performance.
  • Rifles, sabers, air blades and swing flags are permitted on a minimal scale to enhance the performance.
  • Props are permitted on a minimal scale to enhance the performance.
  • Tarps are not permitted.
  • Live Music is not permitted.
  • Winter Guard Shows are not allowed in TDY.

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